About Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa is a fourth generation rice farmer and businessman. He and his family made their home in Northern California and have lived here all of their lives.  Doug attended local schools and grew up learning the value of hard work and community service.

Doug earned his degree in Ag/Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He now manages the family farming business originally founded by his great-grandfather in 1931.

Doug is a strong voice for the North State’s agriculture and resources based economy and for the First District’s farms and businesses.A conservative leader, Doug LaMalfa has opposed increasing taxes and is a stalwart defender of Proposition 13.  With a proven record of fighting on behalf of working families, Doug believes that taxpayers know better than bureaucrats and politicians how to spend and invest their own hard-earned money.  He opposed the giant spending packages in Washington and cut taxes.

Water is the North State’s most precious natural resource and Doug LaMalfa believes in protecting our water rights and developing more water storage.  He has continually advocated for increasing California’s water supply, and passed legislation authorizing construction of Sites Reservoir.  He also wrote and passed language to protect North State water from Southern California water grabs. 

Agriculture and Forestry have been the backbone of northern California’s economy for generations and Doug LaMalfa has made it a priority to educate his fellow legislators on the importance of resource industries and the beneficial stewardship they provide.  In Congress, Doug successfully co-wrote and passed legislation to thin overgrown forests and protect our rural communities from catastrophic wildfires. 

Doug LaMalfa’s firm beliefs are that government should do no harm and that limited government means government should do only what people cannot do for themselves, in the most efficient manner possible.

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