No on Prop 14

Stem Cell Bond - Another crony bond.  The last stem cell bond saw the same firms that bankrolled the proposition get almost all of the bond money, and as of today there is little to show for the billions spent. This will fund embryonic stem cell research that can now be done using adult stem cells without the destruction of life. There is a lot of non-government funded research happening around stem cells. This isn’t needed.

No on Prop 15

Property tax increase for farms and businesses- a partial repeal of Prop 13 and another attempt by the tax and spend crowd to further push farms and businesses out of California. How are struggling family businesses going to afford increased property taxes every single year? This is a stepping stone toward the full repeal of Prop 13.

No on Prop 16

Affirmative Action - This proposition repeals Prop 209, the prohibition on discriminatory race, gender and ethnic preferences passed by voters in 1996. This measure is everything wrong with “woke” culture. We should be advancing a color blind society, better educational and economic opportunities, and not a return to the failed discriminatory policies of the past.

No on Prop 17

Voting for Paroled Felons- Just another attempt for Sacramento Democrats and soft-on-crime Left to disregard crime victims and manufacture more votes.

No on Prop 18

Lowering voting age- this lowers the voting age to 17 in a primary if the teen will be 18 by the general election. The standard we have now is fine. More vote manufacturing as in Prop 17

No on Prop 19

A tax increase posing as helping seniors and fire victims- this adds a new tax on inherited property.  Sacramento doesn’t place tax “reform” measures on the ballot that don’t increase tax revenue. This isn’t an altruistic measure, it’s about more money for liberals in Sacramento to spend.  Plus, seniors over 55 can already move their tax base under some circumstances.

YES on Prop 20

Felons belong in jail - this fixes some of the problems in the deceitful Prop 47 and Prop 57.  Repeat offenders and violent criminals need to go to prison and stay there.  This proposition makes the rape of an unconscious person, trafficking a child for sex, assaulting of a peace officer violent felonies again and increases penalties. It’s sad we even need to run this Proposition. 

No on Prop 21

Rent Control - this proposition will make California’s housing problems worse. Who is going to build rental housing when the state limits rent below market conditions?  

YES on Prop 22

Repeals part of AB5 - AB 5 eliminated independent contractors in the state of California. This bill repeals part of that law affecting app based drivers. Apps like Uber and Lyft have helped reduce drunk driving and provided needed employment, plus providing much needed delivery options for folks stuck at home.  I wish it repealed all of AB 5, but this is a good start.

No on Prop 23

An attack on Kidney Dialysis by SEIU labor union - This proposition will reduce the availability and increase the cost of life-sustaining dialysis treatment. It’s an ugly SEIU political play to punish dialysis centers for not surrendering to them.

No on Prop 24

Poorly written consumer protection- this proposition would expand pay-for-privacy provisions that make consumers pay to keep their information private and eliminates current protections for consumers to request to have their data deleted.  It has more bad than good.

No on Prop 25

Referendum on Cash Bail - the cash bail system works.  Bail agents make sure those accused of crimes show up in court and that saves taxpayers money because law enforcement isn’t forced to track down those who fail to appear in court. 

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